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You may have entered the URL for Past Due Branding and are thinking “how did I get here?”. Well let me first reassure you that you are in the right place and also let you know that…Past Due Branding is no more.


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C.R.O.W.N. Computer Solutions was created June of 2006 and even though computer repair was the primary focus, graphic and web design would soon become the major focus. After helping numerous clients establish their effective web platforms, most were still building on social media and using their website as an overpriced classified ad. As my desire to provide my clients with more than just the service of creating their website, I knew education was now a major focus.

Ten years after it’s creation, I knew that C.R.O.W.N. Computer Solutions was not the right brand to focus on the importance of educating others and that is how Past Due Branding was born. 


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The focus of Past Due Branding was to educate new business owners on how to build and grow their online marketing presence more effectively. My goal was to have a focus that was 70% content creations and 30% service provider. The issue that I saw with most new business owners was that they were more focus on the “how” and not the “what” and “why”. The importance on building on your own soil (website), the various methods of content creation and growing a genuine audience were factors that many don’t fully comprehend. My goal through Past Due Branding was to do just that…but distractions often happen in the areas with the most importance.

Past Due Branding began picking up steam and new clients were coming and asking for websites to be created which was a good thing but there was no content creation taking place. Everything that I set out to do was not taking place and while income helps us grow, I was neglecting the exact reason why I created Past Due Branding to begin with. To regain focus, Past Due Branding must come to an end…

What’s Next

Even though this is the end of the road for Past Due Branding, the purpose and focus for proper online tech solutions is still there but it’s now taking a new direction.

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Christian Ministries

While I was working on Past Due Branding, the Holy Spirit was working on me. In March of 2018, God fully transformed me from the inside out and I shared this through my testimony. Afterwards, my desire was fully set on sharing the Good News that is Jesus Christ. While many may take this as a calling to enter the pulpit, I took it fully as what the Bible refers to as being born again in the Spirit and a new creation in Jesus Christ. On one hand my focus was the gospel and on the other hand the focus of education of tech solutions was still on my heart. I prayed to God asking how can I best serve Him through the gifts and talents that He blessed me with and after a great discussion with another brother in Christ and he mentioned “why not help and encourage small church and new Christian ministries regarding tech solutions?” and that was it! Tech Discipleship was born.

Through Tech Discipleship I will take the focus that was once for Past Due Branding and focused on a small demographic that I resonate with well; those that share the gospel and Good News of Jesus Christ. I am truly excited for this. Check out Tech Discipleship.

Web Management

My core audience is content creators; whether Christian ministries or not. I know that it is difficult for many content creators to build and maintain their website while also engaging with their audience through social media and performing services so my goal is to serve as a tech consultant to provide both web hosting and maintenance services. I offer more than just tech solutions, I have a vision and branding focus to where I will consistently be pointing out various areas of improvement with a  business focus. Head over to C.R.O.W.N. Computer Solutions to learn more.

Freelance Tech Services

While Tech Discipleship will be my primary focus, I still want to educate those with the purpose to educate and encourage others through their gifts and talents regarding effective tech solutions. In addition to education, I will continue providing various tech services for content creators so that their tech needs are met. Let’s work together! Learn more today.

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